Welcome To A Woman Scorn'd!

Okay... a while ago I was joking about starting a blog. (And really it was a joke) However, after speaking to people in my recent journeys and on Twitter, I have decided to just do it. Damn it!

The hardest part of writing a blog is actually coming up with a concept that you can stick to.  So after a lot of soul searching I realized that a “woman scorn'd” is GREAT because if you are anything like me (or even if you're not), you CAN find strength, wisdom, perseverance and opportunities through events, obstacles or pitfalls that come your way.  

The mission of this blog is to help people (especially women) do just that through empowering the scorn'd with resources, advice, laughter and in some cases, tough love.  (Cuz ummm… sum of ya’ll on Twitter are killing your followers with the emo twits!!!! LOL)

Well, readers, I like to keep the introduction short and sweet because I think you will get more out of the things to come than reading a long-ass drawn out intro to a Blog.

Also, If you are a blogger or would like to contribute a post please feel free to send an email to feminaprudentia@yahoo.com



  1. Um, excuse me...are you saying that you don't like my tweets? Should I block you from following me? lol

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