"Go Ahead- Crack that Whip!"

By: @Xer1

A woman scorned. An interesting topic. There are men and women out there that have accepted the fact that they need to keep extra money around to repair the occasional broken windshield, replace destroyed clothing, or pay the filing fee for the inevitable order of protection they will need so that they will have at least a hope of a moment of peace from the woman they have wronged. And yes, we HAVE been wronged. And in more ways than one. Women scorned get a bad rap. The level of damage we do is directly proportionate to the power we hold in the world. We can't launch wars, commit genocide against entire races of people, or control the world market. But we can damn sure make certain you do NOT know a moment's rest until we decide justice has been served. No, we really aren't that much worse than men. Our vengeance just seems that way because you feel it first-hand. And it's a slow, deep burn.

Maybe the object of our "equalization" just can't come to terms with the fact that they are no match for us once we have made them our focus. Tired of the emo outbursts, tears, and endless phone calls? Be happy we are making noise. Remember: a rattlesnake is silent only when it's about to strike. We are the pinnacle of intelligence. After all, Eve came after Adam. We are more evolved in every way. We know the path to peace is forgiveness. We know we can only make room for true love once we are at peace with a bad relationship coming to an end. But there is something empowering about those moments. Something so deliciously satisfying about the source of your pain moving about, uncertain when (or if) you'll strike. Empowering indeed!

So take heart, my dears. Enjoy your moments of perceived insanity. And be secure in the knowledge that the moment you have moved on, they'll call wondering where you've been. But by then, it's too late. Smile as they fall in wake of your charms. Now the student has become the master. You have the power. And they can't wait to be your beloved subject. Walk away with total peace. You have just cracked tha whip!


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  1. Hey and you know this mayan.......... Tell 'em girl..... the 48 Laws is no joke, get a handle on how to handle life and people before it all gets a handle on you...........