10 Things Men Should Know

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We received a request not too long ago from one of my friends on Twitter requesting we write a post on “10 Things Men Should Know.” We at A Woman Scorn’d are not emotionally scorn’d male bashers with a vendetta against men so, we try to tone down our blog entries to be informative and enjoyable to all genders. However, when a post request is coming from a male, well… we have to… how do you say? “keep it real”. And who better to contribute to the list than my sistah on Twitter @IAMSY



P.S. Oh and look out for Ask Sy coming soon.

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10 Things Men Should Know

10. Saving other chicks number in your phone under a guy's name doesn't work. (We know that game already.)

9. That shaking thing you do after taking a piss is ineffective. Use wet wipes or wet some toilet paper and wipe. Plus, wash your hands!

8. Bragging on your dick is not a turn on for a "real" woman! (It actually translates into: "you have a small dick and/or don't know what you are doing so you talk about it to feed your ego, hoping one day you will be as skillful as you imagine.")

7. "Real" women don't want dick everyone has tried. (Like a car, too much "mileage" devalues a man.)

6. Please stop bragging on your pussy eating skills. (It's only telling us you’ve had lots of "pussy" in your mouth!)

5. Please Shave!!! Women HATE hairy, musty, balls that smell like ass.

TIP: Dip your dick in some mouthwash (Listerine) if you want some head!

4. We know you’re texting the next chick when your laying up under us. (We're not as dumb as you think. We will file it away for #3)

3. By the time a "real" woman is up for an argument, we already have a file full of evidence. The “flipping shit/blame game” only works on amateurs. (So don’t waste your time trying to start one or even defending yourself. LOL)

2. We don’t want to hear how your ex fucked over you or didn’t understand you. 9 out of 10 times it’s a lie. Stop playing the victim. That’s a bitch move.

1. Don’t ever get too comfortable and forget your role as a man. Every woman has options.

Did we forget something? Do you have more to add? Please feel free to add to the list by leaving it in the comment box below.


  1. Bravo women@scorn'd...this article is well written and hits all the KEY points that a "real woman" needs communicated.

    It should also be "gender friendly" as it is helpful to all. Shows amateurs "our young women" how to be "real women".

    Luvs this

  2. I LOVE it! you said everything I was thinking!

  3. don't pretend that you don't know what is the issue. We are good on pretending too that we don't know what you are upto lately...